International AS‑Levels & A‑Levels

At Valenture Institute, students take between 2 and 3 International A‑Levels, giving them significantly higher points for tertiary education than matric subjects.


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AS-Levels vs A-Levels

AS-Levels are the first half of the A-Level (A-Levels are also known as A2-Levels). This qualification generally allows more subjects to be studied than is possible at just an A-Level – as at this level less information needs to be learned.

International A-Levels are recognised globally as one of the leading qualifications for university admissions. Known for developing critical and independent thinking akin to many first-year university courses, and unlike International GCSEs, are taken in 12 months rather than 18.

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Students are supported on a 1:1 basis by mentors in both our online-only and boutique campus offerings. 

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