Admissions Policy


The Board of Valenture Institute has constituted the following as the admissions policy of the school.

1.1. This policy was determined by the Board of Valenture Institute (the “School”).

1.2. This policy was developed by the Registrar and adopted by the Board of the School In September 2019. The Board of the School reserves its rights to amend this policy.

1.3. This policy shall at all times be interpreted and applied in a manner that protects and promotes the best interests of all students concerned.

1.4. For the purposes of this policy, “parent” means the biological parent, legal guardian, adoptive parent or any other person who is legally responsible for the student’s education and who has the legal authority to apply for admission to the School.

1.5. For the purposes of this policy, an “applicant” is an individual who intends to study with Valenture Institute.

1.6.All admission applications and related queries should be directed to the Admissions Team.

1.7. No applicant shall be refused admission to the School on the basis of their race, gender, home language, academic performance, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, or socio-economic status.



Valenture Institute is a designated school for online learning and students will need to be computer literate and have access to a computer with reliable internet connectivity which supports live conferencing tools. This is a necessity.


The School Board has determined that the school will be a single medium school where the medium of instruction is English. Students admitted to the school need to be sufficiently proficient in English so as not to prejudice their ability to progress academically.


3.1. The selection of students for admission to the School shall be based on an assessment of the following factors (in no particular order):

3.1.1. Whether a complete admission application (being a complete set of all documentation and information requested in terms of the online application) has been submitted with payment of the non-refundable application fee;

3.1.2. The age of the applicant. The School offers a high-school experience and may not be able to offer admission to applicants below or above the appropriate age (21). Where an applicant is under the age of 15 years the parent must take responsibility for ensuring that they meet the local regulatory requirements for their child to be completing their studies through the mode of provision offered by the School. Parents may seek advice from the Admissions Team at the School on this matter, but ultimate responsibility for ensuring educational regulatory and all other forms of compliance rests with the parent(s).

3.1.3. The capacity of the school to provide an acceptable quality of education to the applicant; this provision applies particularly to applicants with special needs.

3.1.3. Whether the applicant holds the stipulated pre-requisites for a subject where relevant, and has met promotion requirements for the grade immediately below the grade to which the admission application relates;

3.1.4. Whether the School is able to meet the educational needs of the applicant (including but not limited to any special education needs of the learner);

3.1.5. The capacity of the applicant to meet the academic requirements of the syllabus, the determination of which will be determined through assessment of the applicant’s previous school reports as well as a Placement Test where this is deemed necessary.

3.1.6. The willingness of the applicant to participate in and add value to all areas of school life;

3.1.7. Whether admission to the School would be in the best interests of the applicant given that all learners are required to participate in the academic, Sustainable Development Goal Labs (SDGLs) and clubs of the School and given the need to ensure that:

• the academic aptitude of the applicant is appropriate for entry into the particular qualification / subject to which the admission application relates; and

• the applicant will be able to balance the academic demands of the School with all other demands of the School, including the demands associated with a learner’s participation in Sustainable Development Goal Labs and clubs.

3.1.9. Whether the applicant shows a willingness to work hard to achieve excellence in their academic outcomes.3.1.8. Whether the applicant will benefit from the programme of the School given their proficiency in English, being the language of learning and teaching at the School. The inability of a learner to communicate effectively in English may place an unreasonable limitation on their academic progress at the School and could therefore result in the applicant not being admitted to the School.

3.1.10. Preference will be given to applicants with a record of academic success in identified areas.

3.2. Any student who receives a scholarship or bursary of any kind that is recognised by the School and that is conditional upon them being in attendance at the School must meet the criteria for admission as set out above.

3.3. The Board of the School has determined that the Chief Academic Officer shall have the discretion to admit applicants subject to the provisions of this policy. The absence or presence of any of the factors set out in the criteria in this policy does not mean that an applicant will be refused or guaranteed admission to the School.


4.1.All applications for admission to the School must be made online through the submission oft he application form on the School’s website.

4.1.1. The School’s prescribed application online form must be completed and signed by the applicant’s parents. In the case of divorced or separated parents who are responsible for the student’s education and who have the legal authority to apply for admission to the School, it is the responsibility of the parent applying at the School to obtain consent in writing from their divorced or separated partner. Should the written consent of their divorced or separated partner not be required or not be possible to obtain, the parent applying at the School must provide written proof of this fact (e.g. consent paper / order of court / written affidavit signed before a Commissioner of Oaths, which document must explain why such consent is not required or cannot be provided).

4.1.2. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate / Identity Document / Passport.;

4.1.4. The latest original report card (or equivalent document) issued by the previous school; and

4.1.5. A copy of any reports that will assist the School in understanding the educational needs of the applicant, including, for example, physiotherapy reports, speech reports, occupational therapy reports and remedial reports.

4.2. Please note that it is an offence to provide false information regarding the age of a child.

4.3. The School reserves its rights to verify all information and documentation supplied by an applicant for admission and reserves its rights to take legal action against any applicant who intentionally provides false information and documentation.


5.1. The fees are set by the Board of the School, and are subject to annual increases:

5.2.Where an application for admission to the School is successful and the applicant accepts the place offered, the parents concerned are under a statutory duty to pay the relevant school fees unless they have been exempted from paying all or part of the fees payable.

5.3. A schedule of the school fees payable to the School for the relevant period of admission is provided by the School.

5.4. Parents have the right to apply for a scholarship. The School offers a limited number ofs cholarship opportunities and information relating to this process can be obtained from the Admissions Counselor.


Applications for admission to study at the School may be submitted at any time during the year. To be considered for admission to a specific semester period, however, the application must be submitted to the school before the closing dates as listed on the School’s website.


7.1. The School will process all applications as follows:

7.1.1. The School will consider all applications received for admission to determine whether the applicants concerned are eligible for admission to the School in terms of the admissions criteria set out in this policy;

7.2. Applicants who are eligible for admission to the School may be invited to attend a virtual interview.

7.3. An interview is not a precondition for admission to the School and is intended only to assess the school readiness of the learner and whether they would benefit from the programme of the School given their needs. School readiness and language proficiency are important to the academic progress of any learner at the School.

7.4. Given the purpose of the interview as set out above, not all applicants will be invited to an interview and not all applicants interviewed are guaranteed admission to the School.

7.5. The School will consider late applications received after the relevant closing dates listed on the website only if all applications received before or on the relevant closing date have been dealt with and where this would not result in potential admission overlapping with the commencement of the relevant semester.

7.6. While the School will consider all applications it receives and ensure that the School accommodates learners wherever possible and appropriate, all parents are strongly encouraged to apply to other schools to ensure that their children are ultimately placed in a suitable school.

7.7. The School will send all parents and applicants communication confirming whether the application for admission has been successful or unsuccessful.

7.8. Where an application for admission is successful, parents will be required to accept the place offered to the applicant by paying the stipulated non-refundable placement fee by the date indicated in the communication of acceptance issued by the School. This placement fee will be deducted from the school fees payable for the first school term in which the student attends the School.

7.9 The School reserves its right to rescind an offer of a place to study at the School where the placement fee for the successful applicant has not been received by the School by the stipulateddeadline.

7.10. If the School declines an application for admission, the parent and / or applicant may request reasons for such decision from the School. These reasons will be provided in writing by the School within a reasonable time after receiving the applicant’s request.