Education should encourage learners to be engaged citizens and instigators of change.

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Posted on: 12 Jun 2020

Education is becoming less textbook-based and more life-based.

Our Dean of Languages, Antoinette Beck, who has a wealth of experience in the education space, says that her teaching philosophy is best summed up by this Albert Einstein quote: “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” 

How do we train this generation to problem-solve, to think critically and to truly be engaged citizens and instigators of change? 

Education is becoming less textbook based and more life-based. We live in an ever-changing world where the only certainty is often its very uncertainty. Education is shifting to prepare students for connection, empathy, exclusivity, resilience, flexibility and creative problem solving.

An education based on more than facts.

Our experienced learning designers, faculty and tech team are continuously adapting to find new and innovative ways to develop educational strategies that give our students the best holistic educational experience.

We are invested in the individual growth of each and every student. Our rigorous curriculum, centred on teaching and learning strategies that stress real-world application, modes of assessment, grading, and academic reporting, are based on a student’s demonstration of defined competencies. These cover the cognitive, behavioural and socio-emotional domains.

“This sets them up to be successful adults, how could it not?,” says Portia, mom of a Valenture student.

To her, this approach to learning has allowed her daughter, Simthandile, to think on a global scale. To go to Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge and to, perhaps, bring global knowledge home. 

In that vein, Valenture is offering two online high school scholarships to learners who have shown themselves to be a change-maker in their community: 

Valenture Institute x GoodThingsGuy

We have collaborated with Good Things Guy to give away a fully-sponsored, private online high school scholarship to a learner who has shown themselves to be a change-maker in their community. 

Valenture Institute x GoodLuck & GoodLuckCares 

We have also collaborated with GOODLUCK & #GoodLuckCares to find a deserving young South African learner and change-maker to afford them with a fully-sponsored, online high school scholarship. 

How to nominate: 

Send us your nomination, and why this young learner (Grade 8-12) is deserving of the opportunity. 

Email with the learner’s name & surname and short motivational letter with the subject line ‘GoodThingsGuy Valenture Institute Scholarship’ OR ‘GoodLuckCares Valenture Institute Scholarship’.

You are welcome to nominate more than one learner. 

T&C’s apply – each nomination will be assessed by the Valenture Institute’s admissions team on viability for the scholarship.

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