With The Coronavirus Seemingly Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon, Online High School May Be The Safest Place For Your Kids.

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Posted on: 13 Mar 2020

Could the online high school be the best, and now safest, place to educate our children?

Right now, there are a total of 114 458 reported cases of the Coronavirus across the globe, with 4 027 of them resulting in the death of the infected. And while there are approximately 7.7 billion people on earth, it’s safe to say that most of us would rather avoid becoming a statistic of this global threat. 

So, what can we do? Besides washing our hands, a lot. 
More importantly, what can we do about the spread of this virus in tightly-packed cold and flu hot zones like the schools we send our children to every day? Where can we send them to get an excellent education while avoiding unnecessary contact with this persistent contagion?

The answer is right in front of you: don’t send them anywhere. 
Everything your child needs for an internationally-recognised high school qualification is right at their fingertips… online. 

Valenture Institute is a global private online high school offering a curriculum recognised by the world's leading universities – where higher-thinking learning is a cornerstone philosophy, and every child can learn at their own pace, and from the safe zone of their own home.  

During this time of potential global threat, we have introduced an intake specifically for students affected by the Coronavirus crisis. This intake allows students to join at any time and leave after just 3 months while providing a discounted fee structure. 

For this ‘special circumstances’ intake, we can help all Grade 8 & 9 pupils, as well as Grade 10 pupils that are currently taking studying the British Curriculum.

We believe that it is more important than ever to factor in our SDG Labs: practical and hands-on use of our students’ learning to better equip them for the future we all face. The Labs combine the 17 UN SDGs into 4 manageable categories for students to come to understand the problems the planet faces, but more importantly, how they can actively play a part in resolving them. Climate and Energy, Jobs and Industry, Health and Food, Gender and Justice – these are the categorise our experts have outlined to equip our students and our future generations to possibly save us all. 

While these goals are undoubtedly vital and this approach to achieving them is completely unique, we can’t forget about the fact that we need to educate on all fronts. And that is certainly something Valenture Institute has considered with their offering of globally-recognised qualifications including International GCSEs, International A and AS Levels. 

Our faculty includes some of the world’s finest educators with a combined experience of over a century of educating in a vast range of categories and core subjects – with all of that in mind, it’s relatively safe to say that your children are in good hands, on all fronts. 

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