X Ways Online High Schools Are Changing Education

02  X Ways Online High Schools Are Changing Education
Posted on: 18 Feb 2020

If you came here to find out how the idea of online high school is changing the face, and indeed the concept of education – then you’re in luck.

If you thought this was going to be a Listicle*, you would be wrong. 

However, if you came here to find out how the idea of online high school is changing the face, and indeed the concept of education – then you’re in luck. 

To many, the idea of high school is that of heritage, legacy, and a tradition of knuckling down and getting in all the information you possibly can ‘just in case’ you might need it one day. Fundamentally; the principles of rote learning wrapped in a school uniform. And there was nothing wrong with that. 

‘Was’, however, being the operative word there… because the world as we knew it has drastically changed from when we constructed the walls of education and we have to ask ourselves how an antiquated system can prepare our children for the ever-evolving world we currently live in. 

Online High Schools: a constantly-connected, global student body with the ability to pivot material, principles and qualifications as required and dictated by a flux international climate. 

  • Globally-accredited qualifications

  • International student body

  • Private mentoring

  • Always-on communication

  • Immeasurable cultural exposure

  • Flexible 

  • Disciplined

  • High-touch

  • Collaborative

  • Diverse

  • Adaptable 

And the list goes on… 

While that can only be described as a list, it should be noted that X ≠ 10, but rather X = immeasurable. 

Education is the key to our future as a species, and online learning, indeed online high schools, are the best if not the only way to future-proof our children for what lies ahead. 

An online high school provides so much more than what online learning or distance learning has offered in the past. It is a platform in every sense of the word where students come together to learn, where they are encouraged and required to meet in person to discuss social matters and where the responses to their questions can be answered in real-time through iterative teaching practices from educators who are the best in their field of expertise – because an online high school is not bound by walls or borders but only by our willingness to evolve with the times. 

We work online, we communicate online, we build online, we even find love online, why wouldn’t we educate there too? The answer is… we do.

And now there’s a way to make sure the information being learned is of the highest standard and regulated to ensure that the teaching will benefit the student and their world. 

*Listicle – a piece of writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list. 

Valenture Institute is a private online high school offering a curriculum recognised by the world's leading universities. Our students experience a highly engaging, inclusive and socially rich learning environment which is supported by expert teachers and mentors. 

Our unique approach includes integration with worldwide sustainability objectives and encourages the holistic development of every student towards their purposeful and impactful future.

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